Update on progress

The latest Advisory Board meeting was on Tuesday 7 May 2014. Members were informed that all the published Calendars of Inquisitions post mortem were now digitised. All except volumes 22-26 are now being converted to the format required by British History Online – a relatively easy process - and will shortly be freely accessible online. All volumes will also be published on this website too. Development of the digital interface is now nearing completion. Marking up all the IPMs from 1399-1447 (volumes 18-26) is complex and the researchers are working hard to complete them by the end of the project, 31 December 2014. Some overhead monies are being used to assist them by funding the automation of some of the processes – a considerable saving in time – and by employing Dr Gordon McKelvie (the Richard III researcher) half-time on the mark up.

Michael Hicks