WRAP Projects

Four Winchester undergraduates were awarded WRAP funding on to work on IPMs.

WRAP (the Winchester Research Apprenticeship Scheme ) is an opportunity for undergraduates to undertake a week's paid work obtaining hands-on experience academic research under proper supervision. Projects range from cataloguing an archive, data entry from the census, and composing a bibliography.

The specific tasks for WRAPs on the IPM project in 2013 were to modernise the dating of entries in the first two calendars 1236 – 1277 with a view to inserting them in a future edition of British History Online. This involves converting the dates of writs, inquisitions and dates of birth on the digitised IPMs on British History Online with reference to C.R. Cheney's Handbook of Dates. They did not finish: it was not expected that they could.

This year the project has been awarded funding for a further 6 WRAPS as follows:

4 to continue the modernisation of the dates, including two students who were engaged on the project last year. The work will not be finished in 2014 either: one more season should suffice.

1 student will also assist Dr McKelvie on the mark up using the EATS program.

1 The sixth student will complete the work begun by McKelvie to create an electronic catalogue of all the unpublished IPMs for 1447-83. McKelvie has already digitised The National Archives list and has inserted the details of landholdings from the Record Commission's 1828 Calendarium Post Mortem sive Escaetarum down to 1470. The student will therefore insert the data for 1471-82. Whilst the exchequer IPMs will be missing, this is vital information when planning the calendaring of IPMs for 1447-82 that the project still hopes to undertake.