Inevitably there are mistakes in this edition - some carried over from the original printed Calendars, others created during the digitization and encoding processes. A great advantage of digital editions is that mistakes can be corrected, but there is often a lag, sometimes a substantial one, between correction of the underlying data and what is visible to users of the site.

This page exists to notify users of errors and corrigenda that have been identified since the launch of the site and which will be incorporated in the site at its next release.

The table below includes corrigenda identified in the beta release of 13 July 2015 and corrected in release 1.0 of 1 October 2018.

Reference ErrorĀ  / corrigendum Note

CIPM 21.749

'Botherstoke' (line 3) should be 'Gotherstoke'; identify as Cotterstock (ex inf. Susan Kilby and Matthew Tompkins)

Entry for Brookley (place/3055843)

(CIPM xxvi. 92, 549)

Co-ordinates inexact: "Brockenhurst Manor was entirely to the east of the A337, Brookley 'Manor' was entirely to the west of it." (ex inf. Richard Reeves)
CIPM xix.364 (not yet published here)

Chisenbury manor: should be Chisbury (ex inf. Ian Purvis, cf. xix.417 and VCH Wilts. xi - [accessed 24 November 2015].)

CIPM xxii.207, xv.507

'Haunteford', 'Heauitteforde' in Devon = Handsford in Chawleigh

(thanks to Andrew Millard (@archaeometer) and Christine Brown)

CIPM xxii.207, xxv.507

John le Poner, holding 1/8 fee in Yettington: possibly an error (scribal or editorial) for John le Porter. (The original document has not yet been checked.) Ex inf. Michael Porter.

CIPM xxiv.513

"Holkham" manor incorrectly identified: should be Hockham (cf. e.g Blomefield, Norfolk, i.459ff)

CIPM xxiv.659

Newnham Murren manor incorrectly identified: should be Nuneham Courtenay (ex inf. Mark Page)

CIPM xxvi.228

Lea Bailey: correct identification is Lower Ley or Netherley in Westbury on Severn ( [accessed 8 December 2015].)