Unpublished IPMs: Thomas de Camoys, knight, Surrey, 1421

This inquisition into the Surrey lands of Sir Thomas de Camoys ought to have appeared in CIPM xxi alongside IPMs 749-53, which dealt with his lands in five other counties.  It was presumably overlooked because it exists only as an Exchequer copy.  However there must have been a Chancery version as the IPM was triggered by a Chancery writ of diem clausit extremum; the IPM itself says so, and the record of the issue of the writ can be found in the Fine Rolls, alongside the writs for Camoys' other IPMs (CFR 1413-22, p. 377).

This is not the only one of Camoys' IPMs to have been omitted from CIPM xxi - an earlier blog post published the text of another, that for Hampshire, as xxi.749A.  It may be that still more are waiting to be found - the Fine Roll list includes three counties for which no IPMs are presently known  - Essex, Cambridgeshire and Berkshire (though the last two each half shared their escheator with another county for which an IPM was returned).

The IPM records only the transfer of the manor of Wotton to feoffees - Camoys' Sussex IPM tells us that the same charter also conveyed four manors in that county (xxi.750).  The charter's date is significant - 22 July 1415, shortly before Camoys embarked with Henry V's army for the Agincourt campaign.  As with the similar arrangements recorded in so many IPMs from this period, this enfeoffment was no doubt intended to cover the possibility of his death on active service.



750A [Writ not extant, ?18 April 1421, CFR 1413-22, p. 377.]

SURREY. Inquisition.  Dorking.  8 June 1421.  [Bekke]

Jurors: Roger Netilfold; John Aschombe senior; Roger Hokere; John Chaper; Nicholas Conegroue; Robert Charesmore; William Fulfen senior; Thomas atte Lee; John Sawyere; Laurence atte Stone; John Crabbe; and Nicholas Smyth.

He held no lands or tenements of the king in chief or of others in his demesne as of fee because long before his death, by the name of Thomas, lord Camoys, knight, by his charter dated 22 July 1415, shown to the jury, he granted the manor of Wotton with the advowsons of the church of Wotton and the chapel of St John the Baptist of Oakwood to sir John Wakerynge, clerk, William Cheyne, sir John Mortymer, knight, John Babyngton, Richard Steyuecle, John Broket and Geoffrey Colet, who survive, William Lesyngby, John Rome and John Corby, clerks, now deceased. The manor is held of Richard Beauchamp, earl of Worcester, in right of his wife and of the honour of Gloucester by knight service.

He died on 27 March 1421. Hugh Camoys, son of Richard Camoys, chevalier, son of the same Thomas, is his kinsman and next heir, aged 7 years and more.

[Margin:]  Examined by Squyry.  Nothing at the account.

E 149/125/12 m.2