Unpublished IPMs: Margaret, widow of Richard Fuyst, 1421

This IPM, made pursuant to a writ of diem clausit extremum, was the first to be taken into the lands of Margaret Fuyst. It ought to have appeared in CIPM xxi immediately before IPM 403, which responded to a subsequent writ of que plura requesting further details of the ‘divers lands and tenements' mentioned in this, the primary IPM. The omission of this inquisition from CIPM xxi must have been accidental, as the two inquisitions are filed side by side in C 138/44/14. The results of both were summarised in the subsequent writ to the escheator ordering him to take the heir's fealty and give him seisin of the lands; CFR 1413-22, p. 374.

Margaret Fuyst was one of the three daughters and co-heirs of Richard Whelton, who had died in 1387 - his IPM was CIPM xvi.73 (her sister Elizabeth's was CIPM xvi.481). Margaret's son and heir Richard Scardevyle died in 1453 - his IPM, as yet unpublished, is C 139/148/8.[1. VCH Sussex iv, p. 185.]



Writ. ‡ 1 Dec. 1420. [Wymbyssh].

SUSSEX. Inquisition [indented]. Chichester. 5 January 1421. [Beke].

Jurors: Richard Spenser; Walter atte Stokke; Robert Maudyt; Henry Grenlef; Thomas Hygon; John Framton; John Smyth; John Grogan; Richard Marchall; Henry Ipyng; Walter Stapelere; and John Crouke.

She held in her demesne as of fee of the king in socage a toft and 20a. arable land at Broadbridge in Bosham by service of a white capon when the king rides through that land for all service, annual value 16s. She held divers lands and tenements in Bosham of the Earl Marshal, service unknown, annual value £4 4s.

She died on 29 Sept. last. William Scardevyle is her son and next heir, aged 30 years.

C138/44/14 mm. 3-4 [to be calendared as CIPM xxi.403A]