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Unpublished IPMs: Proof of Age for Eleanor, daughter and heir of Robert Roos, of Gedney, knight, 1449

This proof of the age of Eleanor Roos, daughter of Sir Robert Roos of Gedney in Lincolnshire, taken in 1449, is fairly typical of such documents, both in its contents and the circumstances in which it was taken. What is unusual, however, is that fifty years later a second proof was taken, which reported a different place and date of birth. This strange, possibly unique, turn of events will be discussed in a separate post, to be made shortly.

Unpublished IPMs: Katherine, widow of Michael de la Pole, earl of Suffolk, 1419

This inquisition, made pursuant to a writ of melius inquirendo, was the second to be made into the Suffolk lands of Katherine, widow of Michael de la Pole, earl of Suffolk. It ought to have appeared in CIPM xxi immediately after inquisition 290, which was the response from Norfolk to the same writ of melius inquirendo, enquiring whether the current earl was the male heir of Katherine's husband (a single writ had been sent to John Lancastre as escheator in both Norfolk and Suffolk). Its omission from CIPM xxi must have been accidental, as the two inquisitions are filed side by side in C 138/40.

Unpublished IPMs: Joan Mohun, 1404

This inquisition is another discovery in the Exchequer archive of IPMs. It relates to the Berkshire lands of Joan, the wife of John Mohun, second lord Mohun (d. 1375), and daughter of Bartholomew of Burghersh, who died in 1404. [1. H. C. Maxwell-Lyte, A History of Dunster of the Families of Mohun and Luttrell, 2 vols (1909), i.44-58.] Its omission from CIPM xviii may appear understandable, since at first sight its findings - that Joan held no lands in the county - seem lacking in interest. The surviving copy is also a cancelled draft, so its status and authority are also in doubt. Nevertheless, it raises important questions about the IPM process and about the archiving of the subsequent inquisitions, even if it does not - unfortunately! - provide clear answers to those questions.

Unpublished IPMs: Proof of Age for Sibyl, wife of Thomas Bekyngham, esquire, 1418

This document is the proof of age of Sibyl, wife of Thomas Bekyngham, esquire, of Berkshire. It appears in CIPM xxi as document 146, but the evidence of nine of the twelve jurors is omitted there, and that of the other three is truncated: the full text is given here. It is of particular interest because the memory of seven of the jurors is stated to derive from the dates of written documents created on the day of the baptism, one of them a record of the baptism entered in the parish missal book.

Unpublished IPMs: Proof of Age for William Heron, 1418

Matt Tompkins introduces a previously uncalendared proof of age.