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Unpublished IPMs: Proof of Age for Eleanor, daughter and heir of Robert Roos, of Gedney, knight, 1449

This proof of the age of Eleanor Roos, daughter of Sir Robert Roos of Gedney in Lincolnshire, taken in 1449, is fairly typical of such documents, both in its contents and the circumstances in which it was taken. What is unusual, however, is that fifty years later a second proof was taken, which reported a different place and date of birth. This strange, possibly unique, turn of events will be discussed in a separate post, to be made shortly.

Unpublished IPMs: Katherine, widow of Michael de la Pole, earl of Suffolk, 1419

This inquisition, made pursuant to a writ of melius inquirendo, was the second to be made into the Suffolk lands of Katherine, widow of Michael de la Pole, earl of Suffolk. It ought to have appeared in CIPM xxi immediately after inquisition 290, which was the response from Norfolk to the same writ of melius inquirendo, enquiring whether the current earl was the male heir of Katherine's husband (a single writ had been sent to John Lancastre as escheator in both Norfolk and Suffolk). Its omission from CIPM xxi must have been accidental, as the two inquisitions are filed side by side in C 138/40.

Medieval Dating: The Modernisation of Dates and the Enhancement of Earlier Volumes

Dr. Gordon McKelvie explains the importance of adding modernized dates to the earlier CIPM volumes, and explores the research possibilities offered by the original dates found in the documents themselves.

CIPM XX.252 and missing IPMs

CIPM xx.252, for Robert Langdon, is an unusual entry in relating to an IPM that (as we shall see, contrary to the calendar entry) no longer survives. It reads in full as follows:

Fitzalan or Arundel? The earls of Arundel's surname in the 15th-century IPMs.

The Fitzalan earls of Arundel descended from William fitz Alan (son of Alan fitz Flaad), lord of Oswestry and Clun on the Shropshire march at the start of the twelfth century.  They acquired Arundel castle from an heiress of the last d'Aubigny earl of Arundel in 1244 and became themselves earls of Arundel in 1292.  The family died out in 1580 when the 12th earl died without male heirs, after which the castle and title passed to the Howards (who in the mid-nineteenth century adopted the surname Fitzalan-Howard).