Place-name challenge

A number of places mentioned in the IPMs have not been identified, for various reasons. Existing works of reference may be inadequate or may not have been available when the volumes were originally compiled. Sometimes the resources required to identify places - time as well as reference works - may not have been available to the editors. In many cases, however, identification is possible with further work and in particular with local knowledge. Perhaps you can help us identify some of the unidentified locations in volume 21, listed below by county. (These are major place-names only: in general the calendars did not attempt to identify minor names such as field-names.)

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Hoskyns Cornwall 21-349
..ryngeworthy Cornwall 21-349
Lamana Cornwall 21-349
Biryco Cornwall 21-349
Appeldorner Cornwall 21-349
Lamana Cornwall 21-349
Biryco Cornwall 21-349
Akle Devon 21-224
Shute Devon 21-224 ?Shute in Bishopsteignton (thanks to I. Rogers)
Overaspry Devon 21-224 Holding
Netheraspry Devon 21-224 Holding
Thorry Devon 21-327
Radefernlond Devon 21-327
Smythencote Devon 21-327
Nytheway Devon 21-331 Residence of a juror
Radefernlond Devon 21-586
Burdysheale Devon 21-941
Caynley Gloucestershire 21-148
Botelston Gloucestershire and the Adjacent March of Wales 21-322
Colvyle Hampshire 21-932
Holdmede Hampshire 21-932
Merdyng Hampshire 21-935
Mauncelleslond Hereford and the Adjacent March of Wales 21-773
Hull Herefordshire and the Adjacent March of Wales 21-383 Residence of a juror
..e Kent 21-208 Residence of a juror
Ho[ghton] Lincoln 21-646
Sterysgarth Lincolnshire 21-359 Residence of a juror
Bokeland Lincolnshire 21-535 Residence of a juror
Coton Northamptonshire 21-636 Residence of a juror ?Cotton in Hardingstone [by Northampton], ex inf. I. Rogers
Lontelond Northamptonshire 21-835
Blakeheale Northumberland 21-828
Sheldeford Northumberland 21-828
..yrton Nottinghamshire 21-239 Residence of a juror
Tilgaresleye Oxfordshire 21-865 Tilgarsley in Eynsham (ex inf. A. Millard)
Capelles Suffolk 21-959
'Byggynge' Westmorland 21-551 Residence of a juror ?Biggins in Kirkby Lonsdale (ex inf. P. Milner)
Beldoo Westmorland 21-958
F..ment Wiltshire 21-106 Residence of a juror
... Deverill Wiltshire 21-477 Holding
`le Bernet' Worcestershire 21-468 Holding
Landrykmose Yorkshire 21-847