Unpublished inquisitions: Robert Shardelowe, knight, 1400

The process of enhancing the IPMs for Henry IV's reign (to be described more fully in a future post) has brought to light a small number of inquisitions omitted from the printed calendars. Some of these inquisitions seem to have been added to the manuscript files after the printed calendars were completed. Some are exchequer IPMs that have not been correctly identified. Others are out of chronological sequence; they may have been scheduled for publication in future volumes but later omitted. These inquisitions will be added to the online text at this site as it becomes available, but we have also decided to make this unpublished material available immediately on the project blog, where the inquisitions will appear over the coming weeks and months. Editorial principles are based on CIPM xxii-xxvi.

The present inquisition, CIPM xviii.116A, was mentioned in CIPM xviii.116, where it was described as the exchequer copy of a chancery inquisition of 18 June 1400 on a writ diem clausit extremum of 11 June. The exchequer copy does survive (E 149/72/9 m. 1), but the IPM printed below is a separate inquisition, taken at a later date by authority of the escheator's office. (The jurors, however, are identical to those in the chancery inquisition.) This IPM omits key information on the tenant's heir and the services by which the lands were held, which had already been supplied in the chancery inquisition. It was evidently a supplement to that inquisition, intended only to establish the responsibility of the tenant's widow for the issues of the lands.

Coming next: CIPM xviii.308A, assignment of dower to Elizabeth, late wife of Thomas Mowbray, duke of Norfolk, from the manor of Chacombe (Northants.).



CAMBRIDGESHIRE. Inquisition virtute officii [indented]. Cambridge (Cant'). 26 June 1400. [Parys]

Jurors: Richard Warbilton; John Wilkyn; Hugh Halle; Alan Hobert; [1. Called Alan Hoket in C 137/8/46 m. 2] William Wolrich; Thomas Neketon; Robert Margarete; John Parfey; John Syser; William Aunfrey; [2. Styled of Great or Little Wilbraham (Wilburgham) in C 137/8/46 m. 2] John Kyng; and John Elmham.

He held the following of Richard II in chief.

Fulbourn (Fulburn), a rood of land worth 2d. yearly [service not specified]; and a manor called ‘Shardelowes maner', in the said vill, held of the earl Marshall, and of the tenants of the manor of ‘Souchesmaner' in the said vill [service not specified], worth 10 marks yearly; [3. The valuation is interlineated] and 3 roods of land in the same vill, held of the manor of ‘Coluyles maner' in the same vill [service not specified], worth 6d. yearly.

He died on the Saturday before St James Apostle, 23 Richard II [19 July 1399]; Margaret, wife of Robert, occupied the said lands and manor from that day until Michaelmas last, and received the profits, for which she is to answer the king. [Heir not specified.]

E 149/72/9 m. 2 (CIPM xviii.116A)