Looking for participants to help shape the Mapping the Medieval Countryside website

The project team is currently looking for participants in the design process for the Mapping the Medieval Countryside website.

To ensure that we create a resource of the greatest utility to its users we are interested in connecting with individuals who currently use or may be interested in using the inquisitions post mortem (IPM) as part of their research. The IPM are an important source for a diverse range of specialists and we are particularly interested in hearing from:

    • Academic historians working in the field of agrarian history, political society and social and economic history

    • Family historians and genealogists

    • Local historians

    • Archaeologists

    • Geographers

At this stage we are interested in learning more about your working methods, how you might use the IPM, reasons why you might not use the IPM currently and what kind of functionality you might find useful from the web resource.

If you would be interested in participating we would be very grateful if you could complete a short online questionnaire.

If you have any questions about the process and what would be involved please contact the project's website designer, David Little (david.little@kcl.ac.uk) in the first instance. We would be very grateful for your input.