Enhancement of dates and places in CIPM 1-21

We are pleased to announce that a part-time research assistant, Gordon McKelvie of the University of Winchester, has been appointed to the project. Mr McKelvie will work primarily on providing modern calendar equivalents for the dates in CIPM volumes 3-17. Those volumes preserved the dating of the original IPMs, by regnal years and (often) liturgical feasts, e.g. Monday after SS. Peter and Paul, 17 Richard II. Converting such dates to modern forms (date-month-year) can be difficult and is often time-consuming; providing modern forms alongside the original dates will make the volumes significantly more accessible and user-friendly. Categorization of different sorts of date (writ date, inquisition date, date of tenant's death and so on) will also facilitate analysis of the inquisitions themselves. At a later stage it is hoped to amend the dates in the already digitised volumes 1 and 2 on British History Online.

Mr McKelvie will also work on the place-name identifications in CIPM volumes 18-21, notably those relating to Cornwall which have been found to be problematic. For Cornwall he will provide the original manuscript spellings alongside the modern forms used in the calendar text, providing a significant resource for place-name specialists.

Mr Gordon McKelvie holds an MA and M.Litt of the University of Glasgow and has recently submitted his PhD thesis on Illegal Livery at the University of Winchester.