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Circumstantial evidence: proving the age of the Brokholes heiresses 1426-7

Michael Hicks discusses CIPM xxii.829-30, two proofs of age which bear on the legal dispute central to the Armburgh papers, one of the few surviving letter collections from medieval England.

To some extent fictitious? Eleanor Roos' two Proofs of Age, 1449 and 1499

Eleanor Roos, daughter of Sir Robert Roos of Gedney, Lincolnshire, was, unusually, the subject of two Proofs of Age taken fifty years apart, one when she was 16, the other when she was 66.  Only the later of the two has been calendared, and that only partially (as CIPM 1497-1504.254), but full calendar entries for both have recently been posted to the blog.[1. 1449:; 1499:]

CIPM XX.252 and missing IPMs

CIPM xx.252, for Robert Langdon, is an unusual entry in relating to an IPM that (as we shall see, contrary to the calendar entry) no longer survives. It reads in full as follows:

A Pleasure Ground for the Duke: The Landscape of Fulbrook, Warwickshire

In this extended feature Professor Chris Dyer, emeritus professor of regional and local history at the University of Leicester, explores what the IPM of John, duke of Bedford, taken in 1436, can tell us about the changing landscape of Fulbrook in central Warwickshire.

Contrasting Emotions: The Baptism of Philip Courtenay, 18 January 1404

Michael Hicks explores an eventful day at Ashton parish church, Devon, as recorded in the proof of age of Philip Courtenay  (CIPM xxii.530).