Unpublished inquisitions: Robert Shardelowe, knight, 1400

The process of enhancing the IPMs for Henry IV's reign (to be described more fully in a future post) has brought to light a small number of inquisitions omitted from the printed calendars. Some of these inquisitions seem to have been added to the manuscript files after the printed calendars were completed. Some are exchequer IPMs that have not been correctly identified. Others are out of chronological sequence; they may have been scheduled for publication in future volumes but later omitted. These inquisitions will be added to the online text at this site as it becomes available, but we have also decided to make this unpublished material available immediately on the project blog, where the inquisitions will appear over the coming weeks and months. Editorial principles are based on CIPM xxii-xxvi.

Designing Mapping the Medieval Countryside

As the designer for the Mapping the Medieval Countryside project website I'm interested in how we can create a resource that both answers the key project research questions and is also useful to the wider research community.

Project Recruitment

We are recruiting a second researcher (history) for the project.


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The Missing Link in the Hungerford Pedigree, 1439

In this post Michael Hicks explores CIPM xxv.255-6, the inquisitions post mortem that furnish the crucial details explaining how the Hungerford family amassed the whole of the Peverell family estate and when.