Unpublished IPMs: Hugh Waterton d. 1409

The Gloucestershire IPM for Hugh Waterton survives only in the Exchequer archive of IPMs. It was taken ex officio; a writ diem clausit extremum for Gloucestershire was issued, on 12 July 1409 (CFR 1405-13, 124), but does not appear to have been acted on. The apparent reference to a Gloucestershire inquisition in an old inventory of IPMs (Calendarium, iii.332) seems in fact to be a summary of the surviving IPM for Herefordshire (CIPM xix.819)

The Exchequer document is in poor condition, which may explain why it was not included in CIPM xix. (No details can be supplied from the escheator's accounts: as the marginal note on the inquisition indicates, it was not included on Grevell's enrolled account (E 357/20 m. 23), and his original particulars of account have not survived.) While much can be deciphered, the gaps are regrettable since the IPM may provide new information concerning Hugh's interest in the manor of Tibberton. Other sources refer only to the manor's possession by Hugh's wife Katherine (described as the widow of John Bromwich).[1. See the draft account of the manorial descent in VCH Gloucestershire, online text-in-progress; and R. Somerville, History of the Duchy of Lancaster i. (1953) 385] Unfortunately no enrollments in the Duchy of Lancaster records of the grants mentioned in the IPM have been traced.

This inquisition claims that Hugh died a week earlier than specified in his other IPMs, which give the date as 2 July (once in calendar form, once as 'Tuesday after the feast of SS Peter and Paul').


[writ not required]

GLOUCESTERSHIRE. Inquisition ex officio. Gloucester. 24 September 1409. [Grevell].

[ms galled and faded]

Jurors: James Gayne..; Richard de A..e; John Weston of Olde...; John Chaundele...; Thomas Staunton; ?Nicholas Bayly; John ?Lawys; John Coll..well; Robert Haynes; John Wykham; Thomas ?Lepyate; and William Chis...

The present king granted to Hugh Waterton, chivaler, deceased, and Katherine his wife, who survives, the keeping of the manor of Minchinhampton (Michelhampton), with the possessions, lands, tenements, and rents [of the alien abbess of Caen] in the same county, from Michaelmas 1 Henry IV [for the duration of the war with France] rendering £80 at Easter and Michaelmas equally, as in the king's letters patent [CFR 1399-1405, 14, from which text in [...] above has been supplied].

The said king, late... earl of Derby, Hereford, and .... granted to Hugh Waterton the manor of Tibberton (?Typerton), for his good service, rendering a leaf of ‘maple' at Midsummer, ... [?reserving to] the king .. . wards, marriages, fees, and advowsons ... by his letters patent ...

Afterwards Hugh  surrendered the latters patent in the chancery of the king, then earl of Derby, to be cancelled, and the king, ... earl of Derby of his special grace granted for his good service ... the manor of Tibberton (?Tiperton) .... to Hugh, deceased, and Katherine his wife, who survives, for the term of their lives, rendering a leaf of ‘maple' at Midsummer, [?reserving to] the king, then earl of Derby and his heirs ... wards, marriages, fees and advowsons pertaining to the manor, as in the letters patent. Katherine survives. The manor is worth £20 yearly.

He died on Tuesday after Midsummer last [25 June 1409]. [No details of heir given.]

[marginal note:] Not engrossed because no cause of seisin.

E 149/93/11