Personnel and acknowledgements


Project leaders, researchers and developers

'Mapping the Medieval Countryside: Properties, Places & People' brings together scholars at the Department of History, University of Winchester and the Department of Digital Humanities, King's College London.


Principal Investigator

Professor Michael Hicks, University of Winchester


Paul Spence, King's College London

Historical Researchers

Dr Matthew Holford, University of Winchester

Dr Matthew Tompkins, University of Winchester

Dr Gordon McKelvie, University of Winchester


Miguel Vieira, King's College London

Map Visualisation

Neil Jakeman, King's College London

Digital Text research

Charlotte Tupman, King's College London

Interface design

David Little, King's College London

DDH Research Team

Faith Lawrence (Research Developer)
Tim Watts (Systems Administration)

 Advisory Board

Dr Mark Allen, University of Winchester

Professor Bruce Campbell, Queen's University Belfast

Professor David Carpenter, King's College, London

Professor Christopher Dyer, University of Leicester

Dr Simon Payling, History of Parliament

Dr James Ross, The National Archives

Dr Louise Wilkinson, Christchurch Canterbury University


Knowledge Transfer Panel

Miss Sarah Lewin, Hampshire Record Office

Dr Jessica Lutkin, University of York

Dr Nicholas Mayhew, The Ashmolean Museum

Dr James Ross, University of Winchester

Dr Jane Winters, Institute of Historical Research


The project was funded by the Arts and Humanities Research Council.

Additional funding was provided by the University of Winchester.

Previous stages of the project were funded by the British Academy (Small Grants) and the Marc Fitch fund.

The parish boundaries used in the maps have been provided by the Great Britain Historical GIS Project at University of Portsmouth, thanks in particular to Humphrey Southall, Chris Bennett, Paula Aucott and the Frederick Soddy Trust. The boundaries are copyright  Great Britain Historical GIS/University of Portsmouth; further details from

Datasets of georeferenced placenames were provided by two sources. Bruce Campbell provided data compiled for his England on the eve of the Black Death: an atlas of lay lordship, land, and wealth, 1300-49, (Manchester, Manchester University Press, 2006). The National Archives provided data compiled for the E179 database of taxation records. Both datasets drew in turn on R. E. Glasscock (ed.) The lay subsidy of 1334 (Oxford, 1975). We are grateful to all involved.

Permission to reproduce the content of CIPM 21-26 has kindly been granted by Boydell and Brewer and the National Archives. These volumes are all in print and available for purchase from Boydell, price £195.

Images of inquisitions post mortem and other documents in the National Archives are reproduced by kind permission of the National Archives.

We would also like to thank Phil Gooch for his important contributions to the technical development of the project.