Digitization of the IPMs

We are very pleased to announce that digitization of CIPM 3-20 and 2nd series 1-3 has commenced and is being carried out by Numen who will provide rekeyed text for these volumes. (The digital text for CIPM 21-26 is generated from PDFs of the volumes, as explained elsewhere on this site.)

The rekeyed texts will be published on British History Online and on this project website, and will form the basis of digital resources which are the subject of future development. At British History Online a searchable text of volumes 1-20 and 2nd series 1-3 will be available (volumes 1-2 can already be searched). The project website will provide the text of all 29 volumes (1-26 and 2nd series 1-3). There will also be a more sophisticated interface to allow full analysis of volumes 18-26 (for the period 1399 to 1447), and the text for volumes 18-21 (1399-1422) will be supplemented to include information such as jurors' names that was not included in the original print editions.